About Jake and Elle

Jake and Elle,  My Kitchen Rules Series 4 Grand Finalists, were the youngest team in ‘MKR’ history to compete in the popular cooking show. Showing skills beyond their years, Jake & Elle quickly gained respect from the Australian audience for their diverse knowledge with different cuisines and techniques. Jake & Elle’s success on the television show was driven by their immense passion for food, cooking and the love of sharing the dining experience with friends and family.

But where did this all start? It’s safe to say that cooking runs in the family. With a Maltese background food and cooking has always been an important part of Jake & Elle’s family life. Food brings people together – it’s as simple as that. From a young age, the dynamic duo were exposed to all things food – not just ‘kids’ food. Experimenting with flavours, textures and colours isn’t something every kid does, but due to the creative minds Jake & Elle both have, this was something that evolved at a very young age.

Jake – the ‘entertainer’ of the two has a more laid back approach to cooking. Currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance, Jake tends to not only cook for his guests, but also entertain his guests. Jake’s cooking style and menu design is often spontaneous, controver

about-imgsial and ‘colourful’ to say the least.

Elle – on the other hand is the more ‘straight down the line’ of the two. Currently studying a Bachelor of Business, Elle likes to have things organised and thought through. Stemming from Elle’s well-known artistic ability, Elle’s dishes are presented beautifully, focusing on the fine detail, colour and composition of the plate.

When Jake & Elle are combined, it’s easy to say that their food creations are spontaneous, original and push the boundaries!

Jake & Elle would like to take this opportunity to say the following…

“To all that supported us throughout MKR, we would like to say a huge thank you! It was emotional and hard work – but we did it and made it to the end. The local and national support that we have received has been very touching and we hope to continue to give back to the community through our charity endeavours. We would also like to thank Channel 7 for an amazing whirlwind, that has been our upmost greatest experience of our lives so far. Thank you again and we promise to keep in touch and keep you all informed in everything that we do! We want you all to share the ride with us! Love Jake & Elle.”

On a business note, Jake & Elle travel Australia appearing at Food Festivals, Local Shows & Events and also Corporate Events. Should you be interested in having Jake & Elle host any of the above, please email your query to info@jakeandelle.com.