‘Zeppole’ Italian Doughnuts

Doughnuts are a perfect treat! They are fluffly, delicious and sweet…but Italian Doughnuts are EVEN better! Made predominately from potatoes and a nice kick of lemon zest (sometimes Lemincello) these doughnuts are super fluffy but also tangy. Its normal to see doughnuts rolled in cinnamon and sugar (pictured) but sometimes its nice to try something different – like lemon & thyme infused sugar. I have a few ideas that I really want to try, like filling them wih lemon curd or even home made turkish delight! Could you imagine this served with vanilla bean ice cream and rose syrup??!! Amazing!

Anyway…the Zeppole pictured is a traditional lemon zeppole rolled in cinnamon and sugar, served with a rose, lemon and vanilla bean ice cream and drizzled with a tea syrup. I htink its important to serve the doughnuts hot, straight from the fryer so you have this amazing sensation in your mouth of hot and cold. All of these flavour work really well together and ticks all the boxes for a fun, fancy dessert that would be GREAT for entertaining!

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